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Soul Center for Well Being

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The Big Island Hawaii

The Soul Experience-

Dolphin Healing Retreat

The Big Island of Hawaii calls to people. It is not merely a destination, it is a calling. Your experience on this island is a contract and an exchange between you, the land and your future.

With an active volcano, Kilauea, creating new land daily the island is alive with creativity, energy and vitality. The ocean waters are renowned for their crystal clear warmth and regenerating properties. There is a stillness in the entire field of the island, one of possibility and potential. Ancient traditions and Hawaiian culture are the foundation of what makes Hawaii so special. Everything here has meaning from the language, prayers, blessings and rituals. The aloha spirit is a real tangible presence in all people on the island that transmutes through your heart. When you feel it you will know a true love for humanity and the ability of being present enough to fully see another in any moment.

You will find all and more here at our retreat: transformation, rejuvenation and profound healing like nowhere else on the planet.

The island is calling for you.... are you ready?