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Soul Center for Well Being

Discover      Transform      Awaken


What you discover under care with Drs Michelle and Dustin Craft can change your life.

If you’re unhappy, overwhelmed, depressed, spiritually disconnected or in pain and nothing you have tried is working, then it is time to discover a new way. If you feel like there's MORE to life than what you are experiencing.

If you stop trying to get rid of your symptoms and learn how to connect to what your body really needs, you will begin to heal. We’ll teach you new ways to connect with your body, so you can create a new foundation for long-term well being and have immediate relief that will free up energy and creates space for change.

Discover how to end physical and emotional pain and what must really must happen to for fundamental change to occur in your life.


Transform your life through conscious action.

You Transform your life when you overcome limiting patterns within you, and reinvent yourself through new insights, actions and a wider range of emotions.

Transformation can start once you have discovered how and where you have been checked out — unintentionally and unconsciously — in order to keep your unresolved “issues out of your awareness, and way. As you reclaim your personal power, take responsibility for your life, and make necessary changes, you free up tremendous energy to be creative and do things in the world.


Awaken to your higher vision and higher purpose.

You Awaken when you grow beyond your conditioning to a greater sense of who you are, why you are here, and what you are really made of.

Awakening is about connecting to your transcendent nature, the part of you that is always watching what’s going on in your life, both on the inside and outside. As you awaken to this expanded consciousness, and begin to live beyond your idea of yourself, you start to fully realize your unique and necessary place in the universe. You live in your full glory, from Soul.